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Dr. Edward Shapiro and his team of compassionate, knowledgeable dental professionals are committed to helping their patients gain control over the oral health, and the beauty of their smiles. Providing well rounded care, to patients of all ages, is what we do. 

When it comes to oral health, it is far better to prevent disease than to chase a process that has already begun. Our office is equipped with the latest technologies that allow us the in depth view needed to detect developing problems as early as possible. We encourage our patients to visit us at least twice a year, and strive to create the best possible dental experience.

During your routine dental check ups with Dr. Shapiro, your oral health is closely evaluated using the best technology available today. Rather than relying on standard x-rays, we capture real-life images with our inter-oral camera, and use 3D cone beam CT scans to diagnose more complex issues. 

As much as we prefer to avoid problems with routine dental care, there are times in which restorative care becomes necessary. Dr. Shapiro provides safe, effective, gentle care using high-quality materials and precise techniques. ​

If you have experienced damage to a tooth, we will taylor treatment to suit you individual needs. Dr.Shapiro follows mercury free and safe practices, and strives for the highest degree of biocompatibility within each treatment. Some of these benefits include: 

Convenience with same day crowns. 

Smile Preservation with tooth-colored fillings.

Long-lasting function with durable materials.

Promotion of health with biocompatible materials such as Zirconium.