Straight teeth at any age!

Did you know straight teeth can reduce your risk of cavities and periodontal  disease?

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Accelerated Orthodontics

A Straight Beautiful Smile in Nipomo California

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​The FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems were developed based on the in-depth understanding of the biology of the human mouth and specifically of the alveolar bone. Whether it’s the enduring quality of the original FASTBRACES® CLASSIC SERIES or the new FASTBRACES® TURBO® SERIES, our company’s commitment to using top notch technology to create faster and less painful braces means that our doctor clients can be sure that utilizing FASTBRACES® Technology products will have their patients smiling like thousands of other patients before them. As FASTBRACES® Technology embarks on its long journey towards its first century of excellence,one would say that this truly American institution has always represented the democracy of good products and fast results.​


Its orthodontics for the 21st Century!

     Why use outdated technology?

With our patented system we can straighten your teeth in days rather than months or years. 

Imagine having a straight beautiful smile in 100 Days!