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Teeth with existing Silver/ Mercury Fillings
Teeth With New Metal Free Restorations

Why Seek Safe Mercury Silver Filling Removal

   Mercury is the second most toxic element on earth, right behind radioactive plutonium with regard to its harmful impact on the human body. It can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled as a vapor, or ingested. Since we do not have a naturally efficient mechanism to flush mercury, it builds up in the body. If you have dark, silver-colored
amalgam fillings in your teeth, you are exposed to mercury 24/7. They are made of about 50 percent mercury.
      Amalgam fillings have been used extensively in the United States since 1844. Despite the controversy over the harmful nature of dental mercury, amalgam was viewed as a cost-effective material, valued for its
strength and durability. However, those fillings don’t just sit in your mouth. Friction from chewing, brushing, and dental care releases mercury vapor into your respiratory system and saliva. The risk increases when fillings crack, or when they are removed by conventional methods (drilling).
     Use of amalgam has long been supported by the American Dental Association. However, an increasing number of patients are recognizing that amalgam is harmful to their oral health and overall wellness. If you are one of these forward-thinking patients, you’re probably looking for a dentist in the Nipomo area who is qualified in special techniques for safe mercury silver filling removal.     
      Dr. Edward Shapiro is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), a coalition of dentists, physicians, and researchers dedicated to providing mercury safe alternatives. Dr. Shapiro is committed to this level of patient safety. He and his staff at Pacific Dental Excellence have specialized training and protocols in
place to minimize risk while removing fillings and replacing them with biologically safe alternative materials.

Dr. Shapiro has over three decades of practical experience and training in both general and mercury free dentistry. Our patients are treated for ultimate health. We look not only at the obvious symptoms, but also at their potential causes and risks. As often as possible, it is our goal to preserve oral health through excellent preventative care, performed on a regular basis. When necessary, restorative care is designed with the goal of promoting both oral health and overall health in the body. Working together, you and your dentist in Nipomo, CA can build your best, healthiest smile.

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